Green Rubber Recycling Co.

A sustainable world

Being the Green Arm of Al Mailem industries, we were concerned with the cause of growing tyre landfills in Kuwait.

We wanted to ensure that the tires sold by us not only provided a safer and cleaner alternative of disposal but were also given a new lease of life, be it on playgrounds and sports fields, or as fuel and flooring.

We are now the pioneers in introducing waste tire recycling to Kuwait, and we follow the same legacy of excellence and innovation in our products.

Our multi-racial team is engaged in constant innovation led by ever changing needs of industry and environment.

Did You Know

Every year, more than one billion waste tires are generated across the planet and it is estimated that four billion end-of-life tires still exist in landfills and stockpiles. These mountains of un-recycled, non-biodegradable tires are not only a pressing global environmental concern but also pose grave danger as they are highly inflammable.

The crumb rubber from recycling just one truck tire weighing about 50kg can be converted into one sqm of safety tile with a thickness of 40 mm.

Al Mailem Group:

AlMailem Group has been a leader in Kuwait’s Automotive industry for nearly 60 years. Our story is one of grit, passion and determination. From a single tire shop to a reputed footprint in retail and corporate distribution business today, we have established ourselves through tireless service, quality, competitive pricing, dedicated staff and the goodwill of our loyal customers.

We are proud of our contribution in making our country and planet cleaner and safer for all.


To build a business that positively contributes towards minimizing waste. Our dedication to the ecosystem is an important part of our business ethos.


To make Kuwait a leader in producing innovative green products from recycled tire waste.


  • Contributing to environment conservation
  • Holistic customer approach
  • Being an Inspiring and creative business partner
  • Adopting cutting edge recycling technology
  • Being a honest and caring employer
  • Quality, Health, Safety and Environment
  • QHSE Management System
  • Our management system is regularly certified according to the following standards.
  • Quality Management – ISO 9001:2015
  • Environmental Management – ISO 14001:2015
  • Occupational Health & Safety – ISO 45001:2018

Green Rubber Recycling Company’s Quality, Health, Safety and Environment (QHSE) are an intrinsic part of our core values and beliefs. We have developed a comprehensive integrated management system complying with the requirements of the ISO 9001:2015, ISO 45001:2018 and ISO 14001:2015. By adhering to the QHSE Management System, we have created a culture that motivates the employees to contribute to dedicated performance which will enhance us to provide products and services that meets our customer’s satisfaction and requirements.