Monthly Archives: May 2024

  1. Unveiling the Environmental Cost: Traditional Flooring vs. Recycled Rubber (A Deep Dive)

    Every step we take tells a story, not just of our journey but also of the impact we leave on the environment. This story extends to the foundation beneath our feet – our flooring. While most flooring materials focus on aesthetics and functionality, their environmental footprint is often hidden from plain sight.
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  2. Is Recycled Rubber Flooring Safe for Pets and Children?

    Our homes are sanctuaries – places where our children and pets can play freely and express themselves. But safety is paramount. When choosing flooring, it's crucial to consider options that offer both style and safety.
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  3. Creating a Home Playground with Recycled Rubber Tiles

    Childhood is a time for exploration, imagination, and physical activity. Playgrounds provide a crucial space for children to develop these skills in a safe and social environment. But safety is paramount. Falls, bumps, and scrapes are inevitable when kids play, but minimizing the risk of serious injuries is essential.
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