Floors for the great  Outdoors

Run, walk, jump...you can never get enough of it. The great outdoors is a source of joy and oxygen and what better way than to get it in large doses!

Spending time outdoors however has its caveats and these come in the form of weather and spaces. When it comes to gardens or parks, the thing that really impacts your experience apart from the landscapes is the surfacing.

Besides with all kinds of traffic like elderly or children, surfaces and walkways need to be proofed for safety.

In this context, Rubber floors in outdoor spaces have become a trend of sorts and for all the right reasons. Because they are soft, durable, slip and shock resistant and easy on the eye.

There are a wide variety within rubber flooring so get choosy all you want!

Rubber Pavers

Rubber floors for public spaces and common areas come in a wide variety of colours and shapes and they can be used as pavers or even mimic stone flooring.

You can yoga, or roll or jump or play tag...they're safe and you will never be sorry

Some applications of outdoor rubber floors are:

  • PRIVATE HOMES: Pool area, outdoor porch, balconies, rooftop terraces, Gardens
  • COURTYARDS : Schools, museums, theatres etc

A great source of comfort for your family and guests, they look good, feel good and are sure to bring out the adventure in you !