Sure Floors from GreenRub:  A Perfect Solution for Rehab Centres

Ever worried that someone you love is recovering from injury or illness and wanted to give them the safest environment for convalescence? We have great solutions for your peace of mind because patients recovering from illness and injury need all the love and support they can get.

GreenRub flooring solutions, has functional and safe rubber flooring to help them along with their recovery.

Rest and recover:

One of the key factors to consider in flooring for special-needs is Slip-Resitance.

The patients should be able to move around freely without any risk of slipping and falling. Secondly, in the unfortunate case of an accidental tripping, the flooring should be able to minimize the impact of the fall.

GreenRub floorings offer better shock absorption as compared to those made of conventional materials, resulting in significantly increased safety and comfort level.

Mr.Kuldeep Lamba, Managing Director of the company says “As a senior citizen myself, I can very well understand the need for optimum flooring in such sensitive areas. Our rubber tiles for rehab centres, nurseries and children’s playgrounds are subjected to rigorous testing using the latest Impact Testing System for Shock & Head Injury values, so as to ensure utmost safety and well-being of the users. Moreover, they are very durable and require minimal maintenance.”