A new kind of  Pet Project for Animal Lovers

If you are a pet lover or farm owner or if you maintain stables and horses, you may know that providing a clean and safe environment for your pets is of paramount importance.

Apart from clean air good water and food, the terrain and surfaces involved are invaluable in giving them the love and support for a healthy upkeep

Rubber floors have been gaining ground in this regard as they offer a variety of tactical solutions for your quadrupeds. The main attributes are that they:

- Provide a clean, safe, antibacterial and slip-resistant surface

- Are low maintenance and will be more pleasant to spend time with your pets

- Are versatile and have many different extensions

- More hygienic as they can be quickly wiped down and disinfected from animal excretions

- Gentle on the joints especially for horses that are standing all day and need their joints in place for racing

- Insulated and protect the pets from cold harsh winter floors

- Good for lung health as they stay cleaner and prevent the stables and barn from ‘bad air’

- Provide an anti-slip and soft cushioned support for all animals to prevent them from injuries and falls.

Positively stable

One of the most popular uses of rubber floorings is for horses as these significantly reduce the number of falls and negate any kind of injuries.

Horses are happier, if we provide them with a comfortable, non-slip surface on which they feel calm and safe. Because of this easy surface, they find it easier to move around

Unlike other materials like concrete, asphalt, bare earth and wood shavings, rubber stable mats don’t absorb fluids thus preventing any bacterial or fungal infections.

Equine rubber flooring represents the perfect solution for stalls, exercise areas, shower room and walkways

Besides these, rubber floors can be used for most pet/horse habitats like indoor stables, barns, trailers, dogs daycares, boarding facilities, grooming centres, training schools, veterinary clinics, animal hospitals as well as for outdoor areas on farms, training arenas or walkways.