Senior Living : The Ground beneath their feet

Traditionally when people thought of rubber flooring they imagined it belonged in a gym, but lately rubber floors are being recognised as the number one safety surfacing option for seniors and old age homes. Rubber is a highly supportive material which will cushion you and catch you when you fall and is highly resilient as well.

The idea that it’s not pretty too has got to go, as rubber tiling is getting hugely versatile and aesthetic and can easily integrate with any kind of decor

The five main considerations when choosing the right kind of flooring are:

  1. Slip resistance. Is the floor skid free even when wet?
  2. Friction free: Does it allow for free and easy movement? Especially with wheelchairs?
  3. Maintenance: Is it easy to clean and low on maintenance?
  4. Comfort: Is it cushy and comfortable under the feet? Is it resilient and does it provide soft support?

Some areas in the home are high traffic and therefore become the preferred spaces for such flooring.

Bathrooms: This is a disaster prone zone especially with elders and merits anti slip flooring. Being non stick and easy to maintain, it is great for senior use and ensures low impact even if they fall.

Kitchens : The kitchen is another potential danger zone with things always falling, including water or food. Rubberised kitchen floorings are a great option for seniors who like cooking and frequent the kitchen

Our seniors are dear to us and they are as vulnerable as children when it comes to mobility and safety.

Rubber floors are a great senior living aid and bring with them a great sense of security and peace of mind.